Sifu Damian Raad is currently a certified black sash instructor in the Ving Tsun Museum grading curriculum under the guidance of his sifu Grand Master Benny Meng.


Damian began his martial arts journey over 25 years ago, as a child, studying the Pai Lum Kung Fu system under Master Terry McClain and Sifu Shaye McCullough in West Virginia. During this time he traveled locally and successfully competed in competitions in sparring and forms. Then, after moving to attend college, in 1995, he began to studying the Chi Lin Kung Fu system under Michael Snyder in Morgantown, WV.

In 2004 Damian found the Ving Tsun Museum and began studying Hung Fa Yi Wing Chun directly under his sifu Grand Master Benny Meng. Due to relocations of his career as a professional pilot, and with his sifu’s permission, he began studying Hek Ki Boen Kuntao and Hung Lung Sin Fu Faat Mun Pai under his sihing Master John Lambert in 2011. Through the knowledge he had learned from his sifu Grand Master Benny Meng and his Sihing Master John Lambert Damian earned his black sash in July of 2012 in Cincinnati, OH in the Hung Lung Sin Fu Faat Mun Pai Kung Fu system and Shaolin Wing Chun.

Shortly after his black sash test, In December 2012, Damian began again to study directly under Grand Master Meng. In January 2014 he passed his instructor’s certification and earned his title of sifu in Hung Lung Sin Fu Faat Mun Pai and Shaolin Wing Chun. Later that same year Damian was named an instructor in the Yip Man Kung Fu system by his sifu Benny Meng. Damian has taught classes both in Cincinnati and at the Mengs Martial Arts headquarters in Dayton Oh to include giving multiple workshops. In February 2014 Damian was accepted as a disciple and performed a Bai Si ceremony to his sifu Grand Master Benny Meng.

Damian is from a small town in West Virginia but has lived many places building his career as professional pilot. Currently, he is a corporate jet pilot and assistant chief pilot for a privately held company in Cincinnati, OH where he lives with his son Brayden. He is also trained at the graduate level in psychology and is certified by Delta airlines as a critical incidence response team representative.

Damian enjoys learning and sharing all aspects of the martial arts but specifically he enjoys using his psychology training to live and share the kung fu life in order to help improve the lives of others.