The Kung Fu Studio Shaolin Wing Chun Programs

Just as they did in the Shaolin Temple hundreds of years ago our martial arts training program in Cincinnati, OH offers a proven sequential training regimen. Through this proven Shaolin method we take you through a personal journey with the results being a healthy mind, a healthy body, and the ability to keep yourself safe mentally and physically. A brief break down of our Shaolin Wing Chun Martial Arts programs are as follows:


Shaolin Wing Chun Life Skills:

Through our martial arts life skills program you will learn, through the philosophies of the Shaolin Temple, to have a healthy mind and how to use that mind to affect your internal and external worlds in a positive way. A couple of the philosophies and methods we implement from the teachings of the Shaolin Temple are the Six Wisdoms of Shaolin and Saam Mo Kiu (methods to awareness).


Shaolin Wing Chun Health and Fitness:

Through our martial arts health and fitness program we focus on developing your body to be the healthiest it can be both internally and externally. Through the ancient art that we teach we will give you the keys to a complete health and fitness system. We focus externally, to name a few, on developing your Flexibility, strength, endurance, balance, and coordination. While at the same time showing you how to internally awaken and develop your life force (chi) which influences the well being of our internal organs as well as our emotional states.


Shaolin Wing Chun Self Defense:


Through our martial arts self defense program we will help you gain the knowledge to live a safe lifestyle and the ability to return to that safe lifestyle if the need should ever arrive. In our program we separate the terms self defense and combat. Self defense being the ability to live safely through our choices and combat the ability to return to that safe state if someone tries to take it from us. To accomplish this we offer certified instruction in Shaolin Kung Fu, Shaolin Wing Chun, and Yip Man Wing Chun.


Our Shaolin Kung Fu program gives you the knowledge and ability to become effective in all ranges of combat. We will show you how to obtain the skills necessary to defend yourself using all types of kicks (Ti), strikes (Da), takedowns (Shuai), and submissions (Na).


Our Meng’s Shaolin Wing Chun program will allow you to develop yourself into understanding and expressing human combat in it’s most efficient form. Shaolin Wing Chun is a system that expresses human combat efficiency in relation to the physics of time, space, and energy that govern our world.


At our location in Cincinnati, OH we also offer a separate certification in Yip Man Wing Chun as taught by Grand Master Yip Man to his student Grand Master Moy Yat then from Grand Master Moy Yat to his student Grand Master Benny Meng. Then to Sifu Damian Raad from Grand Master Benny Meng.